Topanga State Park Gravel

Send it Sunday: Topanga State Park Gravel

As I can see with our recent Topanga State Park ride, there’s a trend that these Gravel Bike California rides are growing.

It’s not just having the biggest crew yet, but also new riders come by each month.

This time, we started our way out of the Pacific Palisades to take advantage of the coastal breeze to combat some of the August heat.

Send it Sunday: Topanga State

The tougher challenge in doing a group ride this time of year is how dusty the road kicks up, especially if you’re someone who sticks to the back of the pack on downhills…

….like me.

While this ride borders on our toughest yet, due to technical issues, I had to ride on my cross bike and even with that gearing, I was able to handle all of the climbs.

There’s also a lot more Topanga State Park gravel we could have covered, but everyone should feel like you’ve done more than enough with almost 5,000 feet of climbing.

That’s also not to mention that Road Bike Action Magazine’s Troy Templin rode out from the Northeast Valley to make his way over.

It was also great to see so many others out riding, not only mountain bikers, but a few from the gravel world too.

This is an idea place to ride with many options and except for the super heated seasons, Topanga State Park is pretty approachable throughout the year.

Hopefully, we’ll start to see a downward trend of temperatures as our Send it Sunday series continues.

We’ll be returning to Topanga State Park as it’s a great hub and centrally located in Los Angeles.

If you aren’t already on our Gravel Bike California Facebook group, hop on because you already know what a rad community it is.