trans san gabriel route recon

LA Tourist Race Recon: 222 Mile Trans San Gabriel

If you’re looking for something to test your limits, there’s a lot of opportunity in gravel.

The LA Tourist Race might be responsible for a good number of them, but their Trans San Gabriel route is on another level.

Their regular events typically fall into the 80-100 mile range lingering near 10k feet of climbing that have always looked like a grueling day.

Route Recon: Trans San Gabriel (YouTube)

This iteration being 222 miles though is a whole other beast and takes a totally different mind frame to even tackle.

In most events, I’m not highly competitive but I do like to put a time up at least near my peers.

For this case, you can’t even thinking about that as just finishing should be the goal.

Trans San Gabriel route

Normally, I want to avoid going into the red zone, but here I’m looking at even avoiding the orange because stress accumulates exponentially for an effort like this.

Needless to say, this is something I’m actually pondering so this is my first look at how I would tackle an achievement so monumental.