Send It Marin: Bolinas Fairfax (ROAD) Aug 12th

IMPORTANT SEND IT UPDATE!! Sorry for the last minute change, but the ride will continue Saturday, but… because of the numbers, we have to change to it being a ROAD ride.

Still, a lot of similarities in views and we’ll be going by the Alpine Dam, so it’ll be a different day of memorable!

Once again we’ll be graced with the hospitality of The Lodge for our post ride festivities, so please RSVP on Facebook or Strava.

We’re having a later start then normal as those that want to join the East Bay Bike Party the night before are welcome to join (details to come).

Some important details to review for the ride:

  • The climbing will take A LOT OF work. These rides will be extremely difficult if you’re a first timer or working your way back.
  • We will meet at the Java Hut(760 Center Blvd.) for coffee at 10am, roll at 10:30am.
  • Parking is impacted in the neighborhood with time restrictions. Come early and look to park a few blocks off in the residential. Suggestions: Manor Elementary School, by the baseball field downtown, Peri Park, Archie Williams High School parking lot.
  • Make sure to bring your own tubes and a couple of water bottles. Everyone rides at their own risk. 
  • The climbs are steep, while the downhill can be technical.
  • There will be a number of regroups, but once everyone’s back, we roll!
  • This will not be race pace, but we reiterate this ride is tough. If you’re just getting back into riding, I suggest you read Rule #1 again.

We will be meeting at Java Hut Fairfax for coffee at 10AM and rolling promptly at 10:30 AM.

The first twenty five miles are relatively flat before our biggest climb up to Bolinas Fairfax with epic views down to the Pacific Ocean.

We’ll be descending our way back into town by Alpine Dame before making our way into town.

If you want to extend your day, don’t forget the Marin Museum of Bicycling is just down the street.

There are a few post ride options we’ll be updating at the end, so RSVP for Aug 12th on Facebook or Strava to keep up on details!