Best of Gravel 2023

In theory, making my best of lists should be getting harder every year as I try to make it fresh covering new routes.

While I have been expecting diminishing returns, I feel so lucky to be continually surprised.

Part of 2023’s success came from exploring different regions uncovering even more inspiring adventures.

Adding to the difficulty this year was the heavy snow and rain in the first half cancelling and postponing events while severely affecting our trails.

I was also proud how we expanded our Send It Series with three events up north in Big Sur, Mt Tam and Fairfax-Bolinas while also doing a night ride to Griffith Park, an urban adventure through the older parts of Los Angeles’ eastside and introducing the GBC crew to Maverick Cycles.

Another new feature was upgrading GBC LIVE to a new platform allowing us to add pictures, videos and fly-throughs on our broadcasts that now streams on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (soon).

Adding to the pot, this June will be GBC’s fifth anniversary, so expect a few of these to make that list.

First, our superlatives:

  • Toughest Ride: Desert X (Vic) / Rock Cobbler (Zack),
  • Most Surprising: Mendenhall Ridge (Vci), Desert X (Zack),
  • Best GBC LIVE: Sydney Croasmun / Ridge Route Preservation
  • Honorable Mention: Grizzly Gravel, Rock Cobbler, Send It Big Sur, Buck Rock, Forest Ranch, Black Mountain, Black Star

Vic’s Top Five:

vic’s best of gravel 2023: #5 big Sur Send It

vic’s best of gravel 2023: #4 Desert X

vic’s best of gravel 2023: #3 Send it mt tam

vic’s best of gravel 2023: #2 Grizzly Gravel Ride

vic’s best of gravel 2023: #1 Mendenhall ridge

Zack’s Top Five:

Zack’s best of gravel 2023: #5 Peregine Grondo

Zack’s best of gravel 2023: #4 Sent It Mt Tam

Zack’s best of gravel 2023: #3 Dirty Bear

Zack’s best of gravel 2023: #2 Everyone loves raymond

Zack’s best of gravel 2023: #1 lassen adventure ride