Best of Gravel 2022

Best of Gravel 2022

It’s clear looking back at previous years that it seems impossible to keep an upward trajectory, but the Best of Gravel 2022 somehow does that.

I still remember 2021 fondly, but obviously with the pandemic lightening up came more events and opportunities for travel.

We also brought back our Send It Series after a two year hiatus picking up the momentum from where we left off.

Best of Gravel 2022

Once again, not every ride from this year made it into video form due to time constraints, including my Lost Coast and Kings Canyon adventures, but Alabama Hills which also fell victim to last year’s workload does show up below meaning a delay doesn’t signify not liking a ride, I just want to do it right.

I was really glad to make it up into the upper portion of California and really look to expand the map for 2023.

With so many more rides this year, compiling this has been more difficult than any time before.

I decided not to include any of the Send It rides among the top because they all feel like my children and doesn’t seem right picking a favorite one (Vic on the other hand).

Also, if I’ve posted a video along a route before, I don’t like to rank the same ride twice unless a new feature has been added (once again Vic went his own way).

Nonetheless, I’m sure scanning our gravel guide page will help you understand why it was so difficult ordering these in any fashion:

Zack’s best of gravel 2022: #5 Dinkey Creek

Zack’s best of gravel 2022: #4 Mammoth TufF

Zack’s Best of Gravel 2022: #3 half moon bay

Zack’s Best of Gravel 2022: #2 alabama hills

Zack’s Best of Gravel 2022: #1 big sur

Needless to say, while Vic didn’t make every adventure, he still has a robust list showing the quality of depth this year:

Vic’s Best of: #5 Send IT Gold Creek

vic’s best of: #4 Redlands Strada Rossa VIII

vic’s best of: #3 Mammoth Tuff

vic’s best of: #2 Eroica California

vic’s best of: #1 Rock Cobbler 9.0

On top of this list, we also came out with a few superlatives as there were a number of moments that were special and unique that couldn’t be over looked:

One last note is to thank our Patreon subscribers for the support.

Our travels continue to expand which takes a number of resources and obviously we would not be able to keep exploring without this help, so thank you.

Looking to 2023 already feels daunting as the schedule of events has leveled up again meaning look for another great Best Of this time next year!