Send It Saturday November 26 Preview: Mount Lukens

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The year is wrapping up and it’s been a great Send It season, but luckily we can keep the bar high.

Our November edition will head to the highest point in the City of Los Angeles to the top of Mount Lukens.

This will probably be the toughest climb of the year with the numbers telling the story of over 4,400 feet of vert in under 28 miles, so PLEASE READ THE RIDE RULES:

  • The climbing is will take A LOT OF work. These rides will be extremely difficult if you’re a first timer or working your way back.
  • We will meet at the Coffee Bean(3701 Ocean View Blvd, Montrose) at 8am, roll at 8:30am.
  • Parking is available in the neighborhood within a couple of blocks of the Coffee Bean, but please read the signs.
  • The dirt is technical in certain sections. Good working brakes are a must!
  • Make sure to bring your own tubes and a couple of water bottles. Everyone rides at their own risk. We’ll be stopping at mile 5 for refills.
  • Riding tires 40mm and above will do the trick for most, as the climbs are steep and in the teens, while the downhill is technical. and there’s some soft patches on the dirt descents, as well as loose pavement on the road.
  • There will be a number of regroups, but once everyone’s back, we roll!
  • This will not be race pace, but we reiterate this ride is tough. If you’re just getting back into riding, I suggest you read Rule #1 again.

After meeting at Coffee Bean, we’ll be making our way for some early dirt under the powerlines before hitting the Angeles Crest Highway (it’s a fast highway, so you must be comfortable riding alongside traffic).

We’ll be on this thoroughfare for three miles before turning off-road at the Angeles Crest Fire Station where there’s water available.

Crossing the gate begins the grinding seven and a quarter mile climb that averages 7.2%, but is tougher than the numbers with a few depressions on its path.

About a couple of miles up, we’ll take a short detour to the tipi overlook previewing our further heights.

About three miles from the peak, we’ll pass the turn off to Grizzly Flats which we’ll be taking on the way back.

From here, the climbing continues to grind, but at least the reward is opening views of the San Gabriel Mountains including Josephine Peak and Mount Disappointment in the near ground.

At the top, Mount Lukens reaches 5,074 feet with views of downtown and all the way to Catalina on a good day.

Be prepared as temps can get quite cold and we’ll adjust the course if snow is present as it happened three years ago:

The descent is distractingly beautiful and technical at the same time, but Grizzly Flats is the tougher option down as well as the quicker one.

We’ll get one look above the Angeles Crest Highway before heading down for over six miles at ear popping speeds.

There are a few post ride options we’ll be updating at the end, so RSVP for November 26th on Facebook or Strava to keep up on details!