VIDEO: Pacifico Mountain to Chilao

Riding Pacifico Mountain to Chilao gets reward status because it is no starting point for a ride.

Just a six miles east off of Mill Creek Summit, Pacifico Mountain is a destination for bikers, hikers and campers sitting at 7,124 feet above sea level.

The view up top is worth taking an extra beat or two getting an amazing perspective of the many peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains as well as a glimpse of the Sierras to the north.

It is great is how you can make a neat little forty mile-ish loop that feels heartier than the stats tell you.

Coming back down to Pacifico Mountain Road is slightly technical, but turning east towards Chilao is a bunch of downhill that you’ve earned.

I’ve done this section many times, but there was a couple of big differences.

For the first time, I didn’t have to dismount on Pacifico Mountain Road as many times downed trees and falling debris would force some dismounts.

Towards the end of the road, I spotted a bulldozer that graded the road out to the best conditions I had seen this section so far.

This segment is only three miles until you bottom out at Adler Saddle.

You could head north to complete a counterclockwise loop of off Little Rock Truck Trail, but most continue ahead where you transition briefly onto pavement.

If you don’t pay attention to the dirt turnoff to Chilao, you’ll head further east on the other side of Newcomb’s Ranch and completely miss out on dirt while gaining a lot more climbing.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a cavalcade of gravel friendly rollers even though you might have some downed trees to avoid.

After the road bends, you get an introduction to some broken down asphalt before hitting better conditions right after the magical water fountain.

It’s only eight miles of your ride, but Pacifico Mountain to Chilao adds to the fulfillment of riding in the Angeles National Forest.