Del Puerto Canyon Title

Golden Views: Del Puerto Canyon

Have gravel bike – will travel.

Any time I take a trip, I’m sure to do everything in my power to bring along two wheels even if plans are uncertain.

Riding along the I-5 in the Central Valley doesn’t give many apparent hill options unless you choose to delve off a bit.

If you’ve got your gravel bike in tow, then you’re just looking for that opportunity.

Driving up to Oakland awhile back, I remembered there was a road right off the interstate that was used in the 2017 Tour of California.

That day was remembered best by that Toms Skujins fateful crash as he was gunning for another stage win for the third straight year.

Del Puerto Canyon or Highway 130 links I-5 off of Patterson to San Jose with Mount Hamilton being the major landmark along the way.

As I was passing by, the sun was coming down meaning I wouldn’t make it all the way to Skujins’ crash corner, but I could get enough of a distance to get a climb in.

I figured the road was likely pavement, but never knowing all the conditions, it’s good to have a little extra tread along.

Starting off on Del Puerto Canyon was accompanied by a couple of vehicles. I’d only see two more the rest of the ride.
Cattle guards. Hmmm….
Welp. I found gravel.
My arch nemesis. I bound to run into a whole heard at some point.
People love rocks in different ways.
The hills started creeping in, but the road still averages only 1% of climbing the first 16 miles.
I’ve got the goods to go off road, but maybe not…
Frank Raines OHV park with no vehicles.
The climb comes at you starting at 6%, then 10% the last mile.
Hitting the top is picture worth.
Downhill returns as great. Even better with a different look at the scenery.
Not far from urban life, but feeling far from it all.
Nothing to see here…right?
I’m glad this place has a reign on their free range animals.
Just gold.