Send It July 2022

SEND IT SATURDAY: Half Moon Bay July 30

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It’s been a long time coming, but finally the Send It Series is expanding out as we head up to the Bay Area to take in some Half Moon Bay gravel.

In January, Andy introduced us to a lot of coastline action for one of our favorite rides of the year, but we’re modifying the route to better accommodate a larger group and better pre/post ride activities.

As this is our first ride in the Bay Area, please be aware of the ride notes:

  • The climbing is will take some work. These rides will be extremely difficult if you’re a first timer or working your way back.
  • Parking is available throughout the neighborhood in Half Moon Bay. The ride will start promptly at 9am.
  • There will be a number of regroups, but once everyone’s back, we roll!
  • Make sure to bring your own tubes and a couple of water bottles. Everyone rides at their own risk. We’ll be stopping at mile 12 for refills
  • Riding tires 35mm and above will do the trick for most, as the climbs are steep and there’s some soft patches on the dirt descents, as well as loose pavement on the road.
  • This will not be race pace. At the same time, you have to be in the good to great shape range to do this ride even in the Party Pace group. If you’re just getting back into riding, I suggest you read Rule #1 again.

First of all, we’ll be meeting at 8:30am at Moonside Bakery & Cafe (604 Main St.) for those that want to partake in coffee before the ride takes off at 9am.

If you’re driving, there should be plenty of street parking in the neighborhood.

From there, we’ll head west towards the ocean taking in some of the coastline trails and dodging the banyan trees making our way south through Cowell Ranch.

Taking a brief jaunt on Highway 1, we’ll cross over to through Lobitos using the cutoff to make it out to Tunitas Creek for a stop at the one of a kind Bike Hut.

We’ll backtrack as we’ll tackle our big climb for the day stretching eight miles with almost two thousand feet of climbing with some portions nearing 10%.

Half Moon Bay Gravel Guide (Send It Route partially covers)

After reaching Skyline Blvd., we’ll return down on dirt for four miles streaming through the redwoods of Purisima Creek.

With a short one mile climb on Higgins Canyon Rd, we’ll descend down back to Half Moon Bay where we’ll convene for lunch at Dad’s Luncheonette.

All in all, this will be 33 miles and roughly 3k feet of climbing for what should be a fun day of riding.