redlands strada rossa

Gravel Scouting Redlands Strada Rossa

When is not having a standout a good thing?

Having never ridden in Redlands, it was hard to gauge my expectations.

I normally first look for big mountains, but the San Bernardinos aren’t part of the neighborhood proper, so it was a mystery to me what the elevation would bring.

Michael Heal who helps organize the Redlands Strada Rossa put this ride together including a strong group of riders to showcase what Redlands has to offer.

It’s hard to put what I experienced into words, but the best comparison I can think is of Die Hard 3.

You already had a successful formula in the first two movies, but the third made its own narrative beyond what you can expect and hits you like a rollercoaster ride with one thrilling rush after the next.

We hit about a dozen trails that day with each bringing its own category of fun, as well as landscape.

To be honest, its a lot to process because I really can’t pick out favorites among all these segments.

The most unique aspect was riding throughout the grasslands which is not an experience you can readily garner in Southern California.

That was exemplified on one of our later trails known as the Serengeti which creates moments you won’t forget riding above the plains with little else in your eyesight.

At the same time, I can only think of what an ideal gravel training ground this is.

If you can master everything thrown at you, there’s no event you can’t tackle which brings me to Redlands Strada Rossa.

Many people speak highly of this ride and return year after year because of the atmosphere and the challenge of the course changing every year.

What’s also perfect is the event being held in March taking advantage of the lushness and ideal trail conditions that comes with spring.

It’s not a race, but a celebration of this region while benefitting the Redlands Conservancy, Inland Empire Biking Alliance and Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy.

Cycling has been one of the greatest gifts in my life because how it touches people’s lives in so many ways and what Redlands Strada Rossa has to offer embodies it.