gbc live mammoth tuff

GBC LIVE: Episode #7 – Mammoth Tuff w/ Amanda Nauman & Dave Sheek

Zack and Vic chat with Amanda Nauman & Dave Sheek to talk about September 18th’s Mammoth Tuff on GBC Live:

Some FAQ’s people submitted before / during the episode:

What about makes Mammoth Tuff makes this ride so special? 

  • Personal Note, Our Training Grounds, etc.
  • The name, Mammoth Tuff, is a nod to the Long Valley Caldera and the volcanic stone that defines ‘gravel’ in the area. Tuff (tŭf) is a general term for all consolidated pyroclastic, volcanic rocks. The caldera was formed about 760,000 years ago in a volcanic eruption from which the magma still underlies it, heating underground water and fueling hot springs the event will ride by.
  • Personal Note, Our Training Grounds, etc.

How difficult are each of the courses?

  • Simple.. they are TUFF…
  • By design they are meant to be hard where they need to be, create separations in the groups for safety, and roll well elsewhere
  • The short course is around 45 miles with 2,000 feet of climbing and will circle the famous caldera. The long course is around 100 miles with 8,000 feet of elevation gain and travels through the Volcanic Tableland formed by the Long Valley Caldera.

What does it take to ride at this elevation?

  • Hydration and expectations that people lose a little power.
  • Mental fortitude : )

What makes the Eastern Sierras a great place for gravel?

  • East side is the best side
  • Views 360
  • Open roads for 100s of miles, but you might need to do your homework.
  • Altitude training

What are some of the things to do and see around Mammoth?

  • Fall Colors, Hot Creek Geo Sites – Tubs, Devils postpile, Yosemite, Bike park, lakes and plenty of other recreation
  • Your video is awesome for most to get a good understanding of the sites and things to see around Mammoth
  • Closing weekend of the bike park!

How would you describe the surface conditions around the route?

  • TUFF – Debris left behind from a volcano
  • The mixture makes it roll a little slower than it looks but it is much more forgiving than some of the chunky fist size gravel we have seen in other places.

How best to choose between the 45 & 100 milers?

  • Choose based on the time you want to ride or willingness to finish.
  • It will be a long day for both.

What’s the ideal tire size for Mammoth Tuff?

  • Anything 38c and above. But, I recommend above 40c and have recently been enjoying the roll on a 48c.

With the elevation and difficulty of the routes, how should people approach nutrition & hydration?

  • Eat early and drink often.

Ideally, how long should you plan your stay?

  • Thursday arrival if possible, Friday pre-ride, Saturday event, Sunday chill (awards ceremony and potentially raffle) and travel back 
  • If your only option is to arrive on Friday, expect to just have time for Reg and acclimate before the event.