2024 LA Tourist Race #1 Route Recon

With the LA Tourist Race coming to help kick off the gravel (if you choose) adventure season, so does the influx of questions to GBC for what to do.

It’s a lot easier just to make a video to give a clear understanding for what I’m thinking, but also to let people know that what I’m thinking may change.

To be clear, there’s no route you can point to that say’s you’re doing it right because we have different bike choices, abilities, handling, nutrition needs and so on.

And that’s the beauty of it all because I’ll never claim to be the authority of what you should do.

Whenever Sam, Vic, Bill and I plan a ride like this, we do a talk through so we have a plan going in and in the case above Troy Templin added some good intel.

After our chat, we did end up changing the route actually making it longer, but more pavement and less gain.

While it does give us some clarity, we also acknowledge that thing may not always go the way that you hope, so we also planned in some audibles in case situations shift on us.

Above is what looks to be our final route, but what you see on Strava may not exactly resemble this.

No matter where or what you ride Saturday, best of luck!!